Northern Boys Outfitting

NBO is the vision of two northern boys Al and Kyle. Their brotherhood started in high school football, after a light-hearted round of hazing had the boys watching each other’s back. Discovering they had a shared passion for the outdoors, along with the drive and focus of young entrepreneurs, Kyle and Al created Northern Boys Outfitting. NBO focuses on taking other hunters out and assisting them in harvesting their own big game animals - sharing in the adventure and excitement of a tag filled that every good ol' northern boy or girl knows. 






Sudbury, ON

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Guiding, to TV, to Podcasting!!

Northern Boys Outfitting started out as a guiding service for black bear in Northern Ontario. On occasion the duo would film their adventures and then spend hours editing them, entertaining their friends and families with their antics. As they grew older the quality of the footage and editing grew. With a little trial and error, and a lot of watching their favorite hunting shows, they started uploading the videos to YouTube. Kyle and Al worked hard at their boyhood dream and started obtaining sponsors, which eventually lead to them getting picked up by a hunting show. Shortly after on their own, Al and Kyle were excited to create a show that brings every hard working, weekend worrier, die hard northern boy or girl with them on their journey! Now working with Neal from Fuel the Fire TV has giving us time to branch off and start our podcast that we have had alot of fun recording in between filming for Fuel the Fire TV.